Do you have questions about your account, organizing and designing your book, using photos, or selling your yearbook, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our frequently asked yearbook design and Blossom account questions below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to contact us.

General Questions

At Blossom, we don’t believe in making an astronomical amount of money off of our education systems. With Blossom, you have:

  • Minimal financial commitments.
  • Affordable pricing to pass along to your students and parents. We have the lowest yearbook prices, guaranteed.
  • No leftover books at the end of the year; we only print what your students order.

In addition to our simple-to-use software, online order systems, and friendly team—we’re here to make this yearbook your best yearbook! Click here for more reasons to choose Blossom.

Absolutely! School photographers will provide you with a CD of the student photos to use in your printed yearbook. You’re not locked into working with them just because they do your school photos.

At Blossom, we don’t believe in charging you more if you miss a deadline. In fact, we don’t believe in deadlines at all. The only deadline you should have is when you’d like to have your books in hand. We recommend locating that date on a calendar and counting back 4-5 weeks to accommodate for production and shipping times. We’ll get your book to you when you need it, and you’ll retain the power of submitting your files when they’re complete and not rushing through anything.

Yes! Please view our video tutorials safely on SchoolTube! If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact your design specialist via live chat, email, or a phone call. We’d also be happy to set up a quick demo of our online design tool to show you (and your class / team) more about the program and answer any questions you may have.

Account Information

To register a new account, please visit our home page at and click on the “Create Account” button.

Absolutely! We print much more than yearbooks – including:

You can choose to use our online software to create your book, or you can create and send us your book as a PDF to be printed. To request a custom quote, please fill out this form or contact Blossom at or 1-800-893-8902 to speak with a design specialist.

Book Information

We highly suggest utilizing Google Chrome as your web browser for designing your book. It will provide the most stable and fastest use, and is frequently updated for the best user experience. Make sure you’re utilizing a fast internet connection, have the latest version of Google Chrome installed, and are installing the updates.

To request a pricing update, please contact Blossom at or 1-800-893-8902 to speak with a design specialist.

Absolutely! You’ll have an individual specialist assigned to your account to help with any questions or concerns you have during your book creation. At any time, we encourage you to reach out to us a or, 1-800-893-8902. Our team will be happy to help!

Our average turnaround time is 3 weeks.

Of course! If a purchase order is required by your organization, email it to with your organization information, and we will send your invoice appropriately within 1-2 business days. However, please note that payment is required in full prior to shipping all yearbooks, even if a purchase order has been received. Please review average turnaround times above to be sure and plan accordingly.

We offer softcover, perfect bound books with a minimum of 20 pages.

Nope! If you’d like to design your book using InDesign, Photoshop, Publisher, Word, or another design program, we’ll be happy to print your book for you! Please request a printing quote.

If you’ve yet to decide on a theme, look around your school or organization for inspiration! School colors, mascots, big events, and local activities could influence your decision. You can also look online for inspiration – Pinterest, Google, and have great ideas.

Selling (& Buying) My Final Book

Visit for ideas and tools for selling your yearbook. Visit the Creator Studio Knowledge Base for instructions on how to set up your online store.

Pricing is determined by the amount of pages. If your page quantity increases or decreases at any time, your price will adjust accordingly. If you have a custom book order, have negotiated a different price with a member of our team, or need to price match, please contact us at, 1-800-893-8902, or live chat any time.

You created your online ordering price (sell price to your organization’s individuals) during book setup. Make sure the price you sell your book at least covers the cost of your book, so your organization doesn’t end up footing the bill. If you think you may increase or decrease your page count or change book details, account for this when determining your sell price.

When you create your book sell price, you can increase the sell price available to your organization’s purchasers. Blossom will collect all payments online. Anything received over and above your book total (invoice amount) will be returned to your organization in check form.

You should direct all individuals to order their yearbooks online with the link you provide them to your organization’s online yearbook store.

When checking out, you can choose to pay your remaining balance (minus online orders collected) with a credit card immediately. In addition, you can also request a paper or emailed invoice from Blossom. If you have any questions, please contact Blossom at, 1-800-893-8902.

Please Note: We will not ship your books until your payment is received in full!